RSS Stream

RSS Stream displays your social feeds in a lifestream way.


  • PHP5 (hey, PHP4 is doomed!)
  • RSS feeds must be in RSS 2.0 format


  • Uses WordPress resources (no extra libraries needed)
  • Personalizable CSS classes
  • Options Page
  • Multilinguage support
  • Detects URLs, e-mail address and @username replies
  • Suported services:
    • Twitter
    • Jaiku
    • Pownce
    • Delicious
    • Flickr
    • Facebook
    • Photobucket
    • ...and every RSS2.0 feed (Generic feed)


Drop rss-stream folder into /wp-content/plugins/ and activate the plug in.


Just put the following code in a WordPress page or directly in your PHP theme file:

  1. RSS_Stream();

If you want to use it in a WordPress page, you also need a plugin to execute PHP code, like Exec-PHP.

Live Demo

You can see a live demo here: Lifestream


Lifestream Sample Lifestream Options


The plugin have his own CSS file (rss-stream.css). Tweak it as you like.

You can also replace the default images with the ones you like. Just overwrite the corresponding png file in rss-stream/images folder; i.e. to change te flickr icon, flickr.png, to change the generic feed #3, generic3, and so on...


Currently, RSS Stream supports the following languages:

To collaborate, just edit default.po (included in the plugin) , translate it and send it to me. Thanks in advance.


Version History

1.0.1 - 2008/08/07

  • Fixed delicious 2.0 date bug

1.0 - 2008/08/01

  • Delicious 2.0 support

0.8 - 2008/06/09

  • Added Plurk service
  • Added 'Time lapse' option. Suggested by Kim Woodbridge.
  • Bulgarian (bg_BG). Thanks to Ognian Mladenov
  • 0.7 - 2008/04/03

    • Added 'Force UTF8 encoding' option. Use it if you have encoding issues.
    • Added italian (it_IT) translation. Thanks to Federico Moretti

    0.6 - 2008/03/04

    • Added Jaiku service

    0.5.1 - 2008/02/22

    • Fixed the 'double pownce options' bug

    0.5 - 2008/02/18

    • Multiple generic feeds custom icons
    • Added russian (ru_RU) translation. Thanks to Alexander Sokolov

    0.4 - 2008/02/15

    • Multiple generic feeds option added

    0.3 - 2008/02/12

    • Added missing hypelinks() & twitter_users() functions. Props to Danielle.

    0.2 - 2008/02/05

    • Added general feed & photobucket support, optimized CSS. Thanks to Jose Gonzalez

    0.1 - 2008/02/01

    • Initial Release
    • Please send me suggestions, bugs, etc..

    To Do

    • Refactoring plugin as a PHP Class with methods to add sources easily


    Inspired by Chris J. Davis & Elliott C. Bäck lifestream plugins.



    This plugin is released in a GPL license.


    Suggestion, fixes, rants, congratulations, gifts et al to rick[at] or by my contact page.


    Maybe you could be interested in my other plugins: Code

144 Comentarios

  1. G

    just wanted to say that I very much like your plugin. Works like a charm.
    Thanks for your work

    #1 Christian Otto [2008/04/10 @ 18:23] Reply to Christian Otto
  2. G

    How about making it compatible with rss1? I tried converting some rss1 feeds I have with feedburner, but it couldn’t parse it:
    RSS1 to RSS2 through feedburner:

    #2 medigeek [2008/04/15 @ 10:41] Reply to medigeek
  3. G

    Hi, very nice plugin but… Can I put more than 1 social feed? For example 2 flickr users or 3 accounts?

    #3 Monky [2008/04/15 @ 19:28] Reply to Monky
  4. G


    In the options page (*settings) I am getting this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: date_default_timezone_set() in /home/content/t/h/e/theloyalfew/html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/rss-stream/rss-stream.php on line 383

    Any ideas?

    #4 Ian [2008/04/27 @ 22:57] Reply to Ian
  5. G

    @Monky: I’ll think about it…

    @Ian: You need PHP5

    #5 Rick [2008/04/28 @ 12:00] Reply to Rick
  6. G


    It’s a very very good plugin for wordpress, congratulations. It runs OK in my localhost for testing but I’ve got the same problem that Ian when I upload it. Iv’e got PHP5 (5.2.5). I can’t access to the options in the admin panel. Outside, the line with problems is 322, more or less.

    Regards from the south of Spain,

    #6 Daniel [2008/05/03 @ 19:15] Reply to Daniel
  7. G

    Is there anyway to limit the amount of actions displayed? for example id like to just show the last 15 entries from all feeds and then cut it off. Im sure its just as case of putting numbers in the render command brackets but ive had no luck with my trial and error so far.

    any help greatfully received.

    #7 Mark [2008/05/03 @ 23:03] Reply to Mark
  8. G

    Sorry, mi admin server was kidding me. I’ve got PHP 4.4.8

    #8 Daniel [2008/05/11 @ 16:08] Reply to Daniel
  9. G

    Hi! Very nice plugin! I tried using Feedburner to convert an Atom feed (Google Reader Shared Items) into RSS, but it did not work. So, I guess maybe my request is similar to medigeeks’s. Thanks again!

    #9 Tyler [2008/05/12 @ 12:07] Reply to Tyler
  10. G

    hi, do you know why a get dis error?

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mhd-01/ on line 69

    #10 Angelo [2008/05/13 @ 21:16] Reply to Angelo
  11. G

    @Angelo: probably, you don’t meet the requirements (PHP5 is needed)

    #11 Rick [2008/05/14 @ 08:40] Reply to Rick
  12. G

    Nice plugin, works wonderful. I would love Zooomr suport or maybe thats posible with generic rss?

    #12 Henrik [2008/05/14 @ 16:48] Reply to Henrik
  13. G

    @ Rick I have php5 and also set CHMOD to 777… still the same error :-(
    I have worpress 2.3.

    #13 Angelo [2008/05/15 @ 19:48] Reply to Angelo
  14. G

    @Angelo: All the feeds are in RSS2.0 format? The plugin only accepts this format…

    #14 Rick [2008/05/16 @ 11:40] Reply to Rick
  15. G

    So… I watched the code… the line 69 refers to jaiku. There is something wrong with jaku support- In fact, when I inserted my twitter account name, it all goes ok.

    But for me jaiku is very important. any ideas?

    #15 Angelo [2008/05/16 @ 11:52] Reply to Angelo
  16. G


    With regards to my comment and your reply below, I am using PHP 5.0 but still getting that error.




    In the options page (*settings) I am getting this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: date_default_timezone_set() in /home/content/t/h/e/theloyalfew/html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/rss-stream/rss-stream.php on line 383

    Any ideas?
    Ian [2008/04/27 @ 22:57] Reply to Ian

    @Ian: You need PHP5

    #16 Ian [2008/05/25 @ 14:47] Reply to Ian
  17. G

    great script for rss stream process for wordpress

    #17 Ünlüler [2008/05/30 @ 00:51] Reply to Ünlüler
  18. G

    I get the same error with PHP 5.2

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
    /blah/blah/blah/rss-stream.php on line 45

    Any suggestions? I’m diggin this plugin if I could just get it to work with twitter :)

    #18 Dan [2008/06/01 @ 01:21] Reply to Dan
  19. G

    Update, I don’t use jaiku. When I changed line 79 from “$msg = rss_stream_twitter_users($msg);” to “$msg = rss_stream_jaiku_users($msg);” it works fine.

    Thanks for the sweet plugin. Hope this helps some other people, Dan

    #19 Dan [2008/06/01 @ 02:42] Reply to Dan
  20. G

    How would you add the Facebook feed?

    #20 Andrei Neculau [2008/06/12 @ 17:59] Reply to Andrei Neculau
  21. G

    Have you thought about supporting Google Shared? I tried to get it to work but I had to hack something together instead.

    Great work.

    #21 Dan Cameron [2008/06/23 @ 05:04] Reply to Dan Cameron
  22. G

    Great plugin, cheers man.

    Bumping a previous question – how do you add your Facebook feed?
    What does the timelapse number do?

    Bit more documentation would be much appreciated.

    Take it easy,


    #22 [2008/06/27 @ 01:06] Reply to
  23. G

    Sorry – see what the timelapse bit does now. Would rename that something a little more explanatory like “Number of days to display”

    #23 [2008/06/27 @ 01:30] Reply to
  24. G To add you facebook feed search in facebook for your status minifeed. And you’re rigth with the timelapse thing, I’ll change it on the next version :)

    #24 Rick [2008/06/27 @ 10:01] Reply to Rick
  25. G

    Hey Rick,

    Awesome plug-in. I was wondering if there was a way to change the timestamp background color for a generic feed? Thanks again.

    #25 Brian Kirk [2008/06/28 @ 16:22] Reply to Brian Kirk
  26. G

    Thanks so much for your plugins. They’re excellent.

    If you’re considering requests for additions to RSS Stream, please consider:

    - lifeloop
    - digg
    - reddit

    I know I can add the RSS feeds, but having the logos and such would be nice.

    thanks again!

    #26 George Donnelly [2008/06/28 @ 19:58] Reply to George Donnelly
  27. G


    Hi there Rick, great plugin. Is there a way to limit the maximum number of items displayed? Like <?php RSS_Stream(10); ?> Would like to limit my list to 10 items and have a “more …” link to another page with all items.

    #27 object81 [2008/07/01 @ 02:31] Reply to object81
  28. G

    Very Nice plugin.

    But I have many google Atom feeds, do you have plan to make this plugin Atom compatible?

    #28 Benny [2008/07/04 @ 13:52] Reply to Benny
  29. G

    Hola Rick. Antes de nada, felicitarte por este plugin.
    Por otro lado, me funciona perfectamente pero a la hora de meter la cuenta de Pownce me dice:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in / on line 307.
    ¿Cómo lo puedo solucionar?
    Muchas gracias.

    #29 rober [2008/07/10 @ 10:48] Reply to rober
  30. G

    @rober: Me autorespondo. Parece ser que es un problema de Pownce con los feed públicos. Supongo que en cuanto se resuelva funcionará perfectamente el plugin.Un saludo.

    #30 Rober [2008/07/10 @ 16:01] Reply to Rober
  31. G

    @Rober: Ya decía yo. Antes me pasé por tu blog y no vi ningún error, y en las pruebas que hice en mi blog de pruebas tampoco pasaba nada… De todos modos, el feed del pownce es de lo peor que he visto nunca, es el que más problemas me dio de lejos…

    #31 Rick [2008/07/10 @ 16:52] Reply to Rick
  32. G

    Hi Rick, this plugin is great, you can see my livestream page here.

    Just come here to tell you that now is version2 and the domain changeed to, so the current plugin doesn’t support it now.

    #32 Sparanoid [2008/08/01 @ 05:43] Reply to Sparanoid
  33. G

    This is a great plugin

    #33 Philix [2008/08/01 @ 11:58] Reply to Philix
  34. G

    thx for your great plugin – I just activated it, works like a charm:

    It would be fantastic if you kept working on the plugin – there are a lot of interesting social services out here (some have already been mentioned in this thread, I would love to see Youtube and TumblR in your selection), and I like the idea of aggregating them on my own blog a lot more than just embedding friendfeed.

    There’s one feature I really miss though: is it possible to pull the flickR thumbnails? That would make the stream a lot more interesting in visual terms. Again, thanx for the great work.

    #34 ritchie [2008/08/04 @ 12:44] Reply to ritchie
  35. G

    I think delicious is not working in RSS stream. This happen after delicious ugrade their system.

    #35 Milinda [2008/08/10 @ 05:50] Reply to Milinda
  36. G

    @Milinda: I already fixed it in the last version (1.0.1), try it and let me know if works…

    #36 Rick [2008/08/10 @ 12:15] Reply to Rick
  37. G

    I’m getting the following error message after install (running PHP 5 and WP 2.6):

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: date_default_timezone_set() in /home/3187/domains/ on line 412″

    #37 Astorg [2008/08/10 @ 16:28] Reply to Astorg
  38. G

    Can you update the changelog of the plugin? I’m not entirely sure what has changed since 0.8, and I’ve been tracking the plugin all along.

    If someone has requests for services, I’m pretty confident I can add them and then post them back to Rick.

    #38 Jose Diaz-Gonzalez [2008/08/11 @ 08:13] Reply to Jose Diaz-Gonzalez
  39. G

    @Jose Diaz-Gonzalez: Sure, I just need some spare time…

    BTW, only bugfixes ald delicious 2.0 support

    Thanks for tracking the plugin :)

    #39 Rick [2008/08/11 @ 09:38] Reply to Rick
  40. G

    I have PHP5, but it gives me the “Call to undefined function: date_default_timezone_set()” anyways.

    #40 Colin [2008/08/11 @ 19:51] Reply to Colin
  41. G

    Hi, I am trying to get rss-stream up and running, but I cannot access the options page under site admin. I use bluehost for my hosting and they are running php 5.2.6. Is there any reason I shouldn’t be able to access the options? How should I access them? Thanks.

    #41 Leo [2008/09/12 @ 02:21] Reply to Leo
  42. G

    Plugin doesn’t work with Pownce anymore. Any chance of an upgrade/fix?

    #42 Lars-Christian [2008/09/17 @ 02:31] Reply to Lars-Christian
  43. G

    Current version flagged this for me:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …rss-stream.php on line 261

    Seemed to work fine otherwise, so I just turned error reporting off on the page. Still seems to
    work fine. Thanks.

    #43 Leo [2008/10/02 @ 22:32] Reply to Leo
  44. G

    hai rick, your plugin is cool.. :)
    but, i got an error, plurk emoticon cant be displayed :

    thanks lot

    #44 ershad [2008/10/08 @ 02:29] Reply to ershad
  45. G

    Thanks for this plugin thing !!, I will be trying something with this in my personal site.. !

    #45 Ben [2008/10/24 @ 08:12] Reply to Ben
  46. G

    Yes, it’s a very good wordpress plugin that I’ve every seen.

    #46 Charles Peng [2008/10/24 @ 09:25] Reply to Charles Peng
  47. G

    Thanks to all for your kind words :)

    #47 Rick [2008/10/24 @ 09:52] Reply to Rick
  48. G

    It’s a great plugin, which I like so much.

    #48 Charles Peng [2008/10/24 @ 11:46] Reply to Charles Peng
  49. G

    Hi there,
    here is a german translation of the plugin. You can download it here:

    Kind regards

    #49 Johannes [2008/10/30 @ 18:01] Reply to Johannes
  50. G

    When I put the RSS feed of flickr it doesn’t show the thumbnail image. How I can make appear the thumnail?


    #50 f6 [2008/10/31 @ 17:56] Reply to f6
  51. G

    Great plugin! I am trying to translate into Norwegian, but where can I translate weeks, months and such?

    #51 Olaf Ghanizadeh [2008/11/08 @ 03:33] Reply to Olaf Ghanizadeh
  52. G

    hi , i like ur plugin , i have succsess in setuping it in my wp blog , but the the month and date shows messy code in my page , well , can u tell me how to fix it ? thx very much !

    #52 zeaz [2008/11/13 @ 13:59] Reply to zeaz
  53. G

    I can’t get it work with wordpress 2.6.3
    Is there something wrong?

    #53 Ricardo [2008/11/25 @ 14:27] Reply to Ricardo
  54. G


    I was wondering if this is still supported?

    I would love to have RSS stream on some other blogs. Is it possible to release a new version for wordpress which doesnt require php exec. I dont want to give this to users.

    Functions like: RSS_Stream();
    are turned into wordpress calls [RSS_Stream]
    or something similar.


    #54 Craig [2008/12/01 @ 09:51] Reply to Craig
  55. G


    #55 导航网 [2009/01/13 @ 23:13] Reply to 导航网
  56. G


    #56 开平 [2009/01/15 @ 00:08] Reply to 开平
  57. G

    The plugin has always worked but now I changed the page (I added ad sense code ) and no longer works. I use exec php and php 5. This is the page
    How can I do?
    Thanks for your attention

    #57 roy [2009/02/14 @ 15:17] Reply to roy
  58. G

    Seems like you don’t put right the PHP start and end tags…

    #58 Rick [2009/02/15 @ 01:30] Reply to Rick
  59. G

    Sorry but I’m not practical. What does this mean? What can I do? Thank you again

    #59 roy [2009/02/15 @ 16:18] Reply to roy
  60. G

    Really cool plugin. However, it needs an error message, this is what happens every time a service isn’t responding (fast enough?):

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /nfs/XYZ/XYZ/mnt/XYZ/domains/ on line 69

    You’ve got the same thing happening here:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.salley/ryck/ on line 69

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.salley/ryck/ on line 93

    #60 TD Hedengren [2009/02/18 @ 22:05] Reply to TD Hedengren
  61. G

    @TD Hedengren: The RSS feeds must be valid… But this plugins is a little bit ‘outdated’, maybe you want to try this: LifeStream

    #61 Rick [2009/02/19 @ 16:13] Reply to Rick
  62. G

    Nice plugin, thanx for it.
    Can i somehow use it for all registered users? For example, i have users profiles (El-Aleph plugin) and would like give ability to all users use your feature.

    #62 brainsolid [2009/03/06 @ 20:19] Reply to brainsolid
  63. G


    First, Thank you for a wonderful plugin!

    Second, I have a couple of feeds that tends to time-out now and then, and when they do I get this error:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …rss-stream.php on line
    Is there a possibility that you could add a fix for that? I have noticed that bug on most blogs that use your plugin..

    Third, As the feed only shows the last 10 listened tracks, they will simply dissapear from the previous days
    when I listen to new music every day, maybe a cache for that feed could fix that?

    I really hope you will continue to improve this plugin, and do NOT abandon it, it´s truly a great one!

    best regards,

    #63 loke [2009/03/27 @ 09:22] Reply to loke
  64. G

    Thanks a lot for this great plugin – clever structure/idea and nicely executed.

    I’m wondering if there’s a way to limit the ammount of displayed feed items to a fix number (10 items from all available feeds) in addition to the Time Lap setting. Another nice addition would be a display option that allows listing of recent items in cronological order (from all available feeds).

    Please let me know if there’s a way to achive these things with a workaround or slight tune-up.

    Thanks again, Christian

    #64 Christian [2009/05/15 @ 16:26] Reply to Christian
  65. G

    I’ve got just this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: date_default_timezone_set() in /homepages/46/d232238232/htdocs/bgtip/wp-content/plugins/rss-stream/rss-stream.php on line 414

    #65 valex [2009/05/31 @ 20:07] Reply to valex
  66. G


    I’m to translate your plugin in belorussian language. when You publish this? My email – Please answer me!

    #66 Fat Cower [2009/06/12 @ 22:39] Reply to Fat Cower
  67. G

    Thanks for that great and resource-friendly plugin. — The only thing I cannot get rid of is the error message over the first date:

    Warning: gzinflate() [function.gzinflate]: data error in /[...]/wp-includes/http.php on line 1787

    Help appreciated!

    #67 Matthias Heil [2009/07/14 @ 17:40] Reply to Matthias Heil
  68. G


    thanks for sharing

    #68 arun [2009/08/02 @ 17:41] Reply to arun
  69. G

    fenomenal plugin, en el he basado el nuevo diseño de mi blog, pero he detectado un error, que mientras hacia las pruebas en una instalación de wordpress 2.7 no daba.

    concretamente es e, siguiente: “Warning: gzinflate() [function.gzinflate]: data error in /homepages/…/htdocs/wordpress/wp-includes/http.php on line 1787″

    si vamos a la linea 1787 de http.php vemos que pone: “since 2.8″ con lo que creo que ese es la novedad que ocasiona el error en el 2.8.

    Alguna idea o sugerencia??

    ya te digo que despues de una semana de trabajo con el nuevo diseño se me ha venido abajo por eso…

    Muchas gracias!!!

    #69 Rab Ross [2009/08/15 @ 01:42] Reply to Rab Ross
  70. G

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    #70 Dertimort [2009/10/04 @ 19:42] Reply to Dertimort
  71. G


    I installed this and it seems to work fine, but a lot of BIG Web sites still use old RSS (not 2.0). Would it be possible to make RSS 1 available?

    Youtube has a lot of non 2.0 feeds, for example.


    #71 Tim Wheatley [2009/12/26 @ 19:42] Reply to Tim Wheatley
  72. G

    I used this before the atom link to get it to work…

    #72 Tim Wheatley [2009/12/26 @ 19:48] Reply to Tim Wheatley
  73. G

    Hello there,
    I like the features ideas of your widget.
    Great list in the options.
    I created a template lie this for a new page untitled “Flux d’informations” in french :

    Then installed php-exec extension …

    Not error appears but no content either. I use latest 2.9.1 version.

    Bye now,


    #73 djosfr [2010/01/08 @ 00:55] Reply to djosfr
  74. G

    is there a google reader shared items rss 2.0 feed? or only an atom one?

    #74 peter [2010/03/05 @ 16:02] Reply to peter
  75. G

    good script for RSS stream process for WordPress

    #75 Denya [2010/04/02 @ 18:04] Reply to Denya
  76. G

    Thanks for plugin

    #76 Mobilas [2010/04/07 @ 12:08] Reply to Mobilas
  77. G

    great stuff thx for sharing

    #77 Lars [2010/04/07 @ 12:39] Reply to Lars
  78. G

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    #81 Иван [2010/08/29 @ 17:20] Reply to Иван
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    #82 babloblog [2010/09/25 @ 12:32] Reply to babloblog
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    one of the best and useful plugin for rss.

    thank you for great plugin.


    #84 Tamil News [2010/10/30 @ 05:20] Reply to Tamil News
  85. G

    Hey, Thanks guys….we appreciate the support and are working to make the plugin better and better!

    #85 Mike [2010/11/24 @ 11:32] Reply to Mike
  86. G

    Hey, Thanks for the plugin. I’m using it on my site. works great. I’m hoping to get it to stream all my profile stuff. Thanks again.

    #86 scott marino [2010/12/01 @ 02:18] Reply to scott marino
  87. G

    RSS Stream is plugin that displays your social feeds in a lifestream way from different communities like: Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, and others.

    #87 φωτοβολταικα [2011/04/17 @ 18:05] Reply to φωτοβολταικα
  88. G

    Hello, I really like your plugin. I am dealing with various wordpress plugins and installations and review them on the site which is running your plugin – I can translate it into russian or ukrainian language. Please email me back if you are interested.

    #88 Max Spielmster [2011/05/22 @ 18:28] Reply to Max Spielmster
  89. G

    Thanks for your superb plugin, but I have got an error:

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