Yappd for WordPress

Plugin discontinued

Yappd for WordPress displays yours latest yapps in your WordPress blog.


  • Simply
  • Customizable
  • Widget ready
  • Uses WordPress resources (no extra files needed)
  • No options page (yes, it’s a feature)


Drop the yappd-for-wordpress folder into /wp-content/plugins/ and activate the plug in.


If you use WordPress widgets, just drag the widget into your sidebar and configure.
If widgets aren’t your thing, use the following code to display your public Yappd messages:


Yappd for WordPress also has several configurable options. Here’s what you can configure:

yappd_messages('username', [msgs], [list], [timestamp], [linked]);

  • username: your yappd username
  • msgs: number of yapps to show
  • list: show yapps in a unordered list
  • timestamp: show a relative timestamp
  • linked: create a link to your Yappd account in your yapps

Only username is required. The other parameters will take this default values:

yappd_messages('username', 5, false, true, false);

This is: 5 yapps, in a list, with timestamps and with no links.

So, if I wanted to show my last 3 messages, not in a list, with timestamps and with links I would use the following:

yappd_messages('username', 3, false, true, true);


The plug in provides the following CSS classes:

  • ul.yappd: the main ul (if list is activated)
  • li.yappd-item: the ul items (if list is activated)
  • p.yappd-message: each one of the paragraphs (if msgs > 1)
  • .yappd-timestamp: the timestamp span class
  • a.yappd-link: the yappd link class (if linked is activated)

Live Demo

yappd_messages('Rick', 5, true, true, true);


Version History

1.0 – 2007/10/11

  • Initial Release


Ronald Heft – The plugin is highly based in his Pownce for WordPress, so the major part of the credits goes to him.


Suggestion, fixes, rants, congratulations, gifts et al to rick[at] or by my contact page.

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