Twitter for WordPress

Twitter for WordPress displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog.


  • Simply
  • Customizable
  • Widget ready
  • Uses WordPress resources (no extra files needed)
  • No options page (yes, it’s a feature)
  • Detects URLs, e-mail address and @username replies
  • Multiple widgets (Thanks to Michael Feichtinger)


Drop the twitter-for-wordpress folder into /wp-content/plugins/ and activate the plug in.


If you use WordPress widgets, just drag the widget into your sidebar and configure.
If widgets aren’t your thing, use the following code to display your public Twitter messages:


Note: Your tweets must be unprotected (i.e. in the public timeline)

Twitter for WordPress also has several configurable options. Here’s what you can configure:

twitter_messages('username', [msgs], [list], [timestamp], ['link'], [hyperlinks], [twitter_users], [encode_utf8]); 
  • username: your twitter username
  • msgs: number of tweets to show (max. 20, limited by Twitter)
  • list: show tweets in a unordered list
  • timestamp: show a relative timestamp
  • linked: the link options
    • ‘all’: puts a link to the tweet status in all the tweet (the old-school way). This option disables the link discover features.
    • false or ”: no link at all to the tweet status
    • true or ‘something’: enable the link to the tweet status. You can customize the text.
  • hyperlinks: show URLs as clickable links
  • twitter_users: show @username replies as clickable links
  • encode_utf8:turn it on if you have encoding problems

Only username is required. The other parameters will take this default values:

twitter_messages('', 1, false, true, '#', true, true, false);

This is: 1 tweet, not in a list, with timestamps, with a # link to each tweet, with URLs and @username replies displayed as clickable links.

So, if I wanted to show my last 3 messages, not in a list, with timestamps, with a Go link, no links and encode_utf8, I would use the following:

twitter_messages('username', 3, false, true, 'Go', false, false, true);


The plug in provides the following CSS classes:

  • ul.twitter: the main ul (if list is activated)
  • li.twitter-item: the ul items (if list is activated)
  • p.twitter-message: each one of the paragraphs (if msgs > 1)
  • .twitter-timestamp: the timestamp span class
  • a.twitter-link: the tweet link class
  • a.twitter-user: the @username reply link class

Live Demo

twitter_messages('twittvigo', 5, true, true, '>>', true, true, false);

>’, true, true, false); ?>



Version History

1.9.7 – 2009/08/27

  • Link discover regexp bug fixed (thanks to Webmancers)

1.9.6 – 2009/07/10

  • Improved link discover regexp (thanks to Allen Shaw)

1.9.5 – 2009/07/07

  • Several undocumented changes (mostly bugs acrosss different WordPress versions)
  • Added #trendingtopics link support (thanks to Michael Voigt)

1.9 – 2008/04/08

  • Now using human_time_diff() instead own function: better performance, less code and automagically i18n!

1.8.2 – 2008/04/01

  • I messed it up the encoding. Now works.

1.8 – 2008/03/31

  • Added encode_utf8 option in order to (hopefully) fix the encoding issues.

1.7 – 2008/01/03

1.6.1 – 2007/12/27

  • Due Hanok‘s request, added a linked option to make all tweet a link to the tweet status.

1.6 – 2007/12/27

  • Now the plugin also detects the @username replies and automagically transform them in links to the username twitter page.
  • Better URL discover method.

1.5 – 2007/12/26

  • Modified the linked option to make it more flexible and configurable. Now the link is at the tweet’s end, and you can configure it (even not display it).

1.4 – 2007/12/24

  • Added ‘hyperlink recognizer’.

1.3.2 – 2007/09/08

  • Fixed some HTML encoding issues. Props to Dave.

1.3.1 – 2007/08/22

  • Better feed handling. Now only the username is required.

1.3 – 2007/08/22

  • New relative date function

1.2 – 2007/08/21

  • Rearranged CSS classes

1.1.2 – 2007/08/20

  • Fixed a widget typo

1.1.1 – 2007/08/16

  • Fixed widgets bug and added widget options (Thanks to Neil MacLean)

1.1 – 2007/08/15

  • Added the link option (suggested by manuls)

1.0 – 2007/08/12

  • Initial Release



Suggestion, fixes, rants, congratulations, gifts et al to rick[at] or by my contact page.


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