RSS Stream

RSS Stream displays your social feeds in a lifestream way.


  • PHP5 (hey, PHP4 is doomed!)
  • RSS feeds must be in RSS 2.0 format


  • Uses WordPress resources (no extra libraries needed)
  • Personalizable CSS classes
  • Options Page
  • Multilinguage support
  • Detects URLs, e-mail address and @username replies
  • Suported services:
    • Twitter
    • Jaiku
    • Pownce
    • Delicious
    • Flickr
    • Facebook
    • Photobucket
    • …and every RSS2.0 feed (Generic feed)


Drop rss-stream folder into /wp-content/plugins/ and activate the plug in.


Just put the following code in a WordPress page or directly in your PHP theme file:


If you want to use it in a WordPress page, you also need a plugin to execute PHP code, like Exec-PHP.

Live Demo

You can see a live demo here: Lifestream


Lifestream Sample Lifestream Options


The plugin have his own CSS file (rss-stream.css). Tweak it as you like.

You can also replace the default images with the ones you like. Just overwrite the corresponding png file in rss-stream/images folder; i.e. to change te flickr icon, flickr.png, to change the generic feed #3, generic3, and so on…


Currently, RSS Stream supports the following languages:

To collaborate, just edit default.po (included in the plugin) , translate it and send it to me. Thanks in advance.


Version History

1.0.1 – 2008/08/07

  • Fixed delicious 2.0 date bug

1.0 – 2008/08/01

  • Delicious 2.0 support

0.8 – 2008/06/09

  • Added Plurk service
  • Added ‘Time lapse’ option. Suggested by Kim Woodbridge.
  • Bulgarian (bg_BG). Thanks to Ognian Mladenov
0.7 – 2008/04/03

  • Added ‘Force UTF8 encoding’ option. Use it if you have encoding issues.
  • Added italian (it_IT) translation. Thanks to Federico Moretti

0.6 – 2008/03/04

  • Added Jaiku service

0.5.1 – 2008/02/22

  • Fixed the ‘double pownce options’ bug

0.5 – 2008/02/18

  • Multiple generic feeds custom icons
  • Added russian (ru_RU) translation. Thanks to Alexander Sokolov

0.4 – 2008/02/15

  • Multiple generic feeds option added

0.3 – 2008/02/12

  • Added missing hypelinks() & twitter_users() functions. Props to Danielle.

0.2 – 2008/02/05

  • Added general feed & photobucket support, optimized CSS. Thanks to Jose Gonzalez

0.1 – 2008/02/01

  • Initial Release
  • Please send me suggestions, bugs, etc..

To Do

  • Refactoring plugin as a PHP Class with methods to add sources easily


Inspired by Chris J. Davis & Elliott C. Bäck lifestream plugins.



This plugin is released in a GPL license.


Suggestion, fixes, rants, congratulations, gifts et al to rick[at] or by my contact page.


Maybe you could be interested in my other plugins: Code

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