Converse en flickr

Converse en flickr

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  1. G

    Gafapasta! xD

    #1 Lord Taran [2009/02/12 @ 09:52] Reply to Lord Taran
  2. G

    Siempre me gustaron mucho esas zapatillas, se nota que tienen trote, eh…jeje… Tienes fotos muy chulas en flikr, me alegro de que hayas colgado mi foto de Rande desde La Guía. Salu2. :D

    #2 Anna [2009/02/26 @ 11:35] Reply to Anna
  3. G

    Muchas gracias! :)

    #3 Rick [2009/02/26 @ 16:27] Reply to Rick

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    [...] I love this photo because it leaves so much to the imagination, leaving you to wonder about the person wearing the shoes and what the picture says about them. Photo by ℜick on Flickr, here. Via Rick’s HideOut. [...]

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