Silk Smilies Pack

Silk Smilies es un pack de emoticonos para el plugin More Smilies basado en los iconos de la serie Silk.
No tiene mérito ninguno, pero como no lo he visto por ningún sitio, pues me he puesto a ello.

Para instalarlo, simplemente descomprimir el archivo dentro del directorio del plugin.

Silk Smilies Pack

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  1. G

    ahhhh, q lindo, ahora me los bajo…
    gracias, no los habia visto a estos


    #1 mariana [2008/04/25 @ 16:17] Reply to mariana
  2. G

    Hi, thank you very much for sharing that plugin.
    And I have compiled(Not me who draw it)
    Have a look at my website,
    I put it at my comment section
    (I use this plugin with themer plugin toolbar))
    How do I share it here?

    #2 wgn_white [2008/04/29 @ 08:29] Reply to wgn_white
  3. G

    I mean compile some emoticon…
    Complete with the config file.

    #3 wgn_white [2008/04/29 @ 08:30] Reply to wgn_white
  4. G

    Sure you can! Just put it together in a rar/zip/whatever and upload somewhere (or send it to me)


    #4 Rick [2008/04/29 @ 09:45] Reply to Rick
  5. G
  6. G

    It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me, and I think that’s pretty important.

    #6 Jason Frey [2016/02/25 @ 13:38] Reply to Jason Frey